HOW TO GET THERE: Duke of Northumberland's River


Duke of Northumberland's River (DNR) runs from the River Crane at Mereway Nature Park, northwards past the Stoop and RFU stadia through Mogden and then eastwards through Silverhall Park to the Thames at Isleworth.  There are a number of places to join and see the DNR. Click on the Postcodes (right) for maps

Transport for London


Location Postcode   
Mereway TW2 6RF TQ 14950 73300
Langhorn Drive, Chertsey Road, A316 TW2 7SX TQ 15125  73890
Kneller Road, B361 TW2 7DE TQ 1510074060
Whitton Dene TW7 7LW TQ 15300 74650
Worton Road, Oak Lane TW7 6HH TQ 15335 75515
Twickenham Roadm A310 (Silverhall Park)   TW7 6AA TQ 161200 76020
Mill Plat, Isleworth TW7 6DY TQ 16635 75970