Harlequins Bench   A new carved bench has been put in place along the Duke of Northumberland’s River which celebrates the involvement of a family with the Harlequin Football Club.
Citizen Crane safari   Outfall Safaris monitor river pollution in the Crane Valley catchment. Joe Pecorelli's blog of 8th May for Thames21 explains the issues and how Citizen Scientists help.
April Volunteer Sunday   Martin O'Gara reports on our April Volunteer Sunday at Pevensey Nature reserve - the hottest day of 2017 so far.
Common Frog   The Marsh Frog is busy in in the River Crane !  A report by the Evening Standard in March explains why ...
DNR Walk  

Birds, Wildlife & Photos on the Duke of Northumberland's River - Saturday 11th February.  One of our 2017 season's Community Learning Walks & Talks, led by and blog by Dan Keel

Headstone Manor  

Headstone Manor Visit by FORCE with Harrow Council - Saturday 28th January.  The first of our 2017 season's Community Learnong Walks & Talks, blog by Jane Satchwell.


The Mystery Mill, an exhibition by Year Six of Trafalgar Junior School at the Twickenham Museum. 

Refections on Crane  

In 1871 was a sad tale of an inquiry reported by the Morning Star ' A Suicide of a Mother With her Child'. 

Photograph by permission of Richard Clemence



Tour of the River Crane Environment led by FORCE - Friday 20th May 2016 by Sue Palmer (SWLEN) from the SWLEN website.

Kingfisher   In the News: Crane Park Island features in The Times' 30 best wild places - Saturday February 2016

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