Twickenham Junction Rough: HISTORY
Twickenham Junction Rough is located between London Road, Twickenham, TW1 1AA and Marsh Farm Lane.


This area has recently been opened up to the public after the land was passed to the council by local developers, St James. The pathway between Marsh Farm Lane and Twickenham Station is now open allowing people to walk through woodland and rough grassland, rather than the streets.  More details are available on Richmond Borough Councils website, including opening hours.

Twickenham Junction Rough and Heatham House 

In 1848 the London and South West Railways Windsor Line was constructed, the land that now forms the Junction Rough was once leased to the Pouparts as farmland. 

Heatham House and Cole Park 

Heatham House is on the north bank of the River Crane, at the junction of London Road and Whitton Road. It has a history linked from the 18th to the 20th century to the Cole family. The Cole brewery had stood just upstream of this site since the early 17th Century. Moses Glover’s map of 1635 identifies the site of “Mr Thomas Coole, Brewer”. In 1892 the brewery site was leased to Brandon’s. Brewery Lane still runs off London Road and down the side of the Post Office site. The house was purchased by Middlesex County Council in 1944 for £8000 and since the 1950’s has been a youth centre.  More history is availablw on Heatham House.

The bridge over the River Crane by the junction of Whitton Road and London Road was named Cole’s Bridge after the family who owned a brewery, Cole Park Road runs along the River Crane.