HISTORY: Donkey Wood

Staines Road
Barber Bridge
TW14 0HD

Donkey Woods

This site has an ancient history closely linked to the river with a rich industrial history. The Roman Road between Brentford and Staines Crossed the river in the area of Baber Bridge. Nearby the river was altered to provide water power to the mills  for industrial processes from the 13th Century. In the 16th Century the Upper Duke of Northumberland’s River was constructed to supplement the water power. This river links the river Colne to the River Crane.

Bedfont Powder Mills

Built in 1635 as a sword Mill and soon after converted to the manufacture of gunpowder. In 1833 Curtis and Harvey leased Bedfont Powder Mills from the Duke of Northumberland. Since 1820 they had manufactured gunpowder downstream at Hounslow Gunpowder Mills. The mills continued in use until 1926. GLHER Monument record.