H King Manoel  

A short documentary about King Manoel II of Portugal who was exiled in Twickenham . Courtesy of Tim Harness

Water Vole  

Wonderful video of water voles and other species in the River Crane. Shot by Dr Sean McCormack of the Ealing Wildlife Group

Dec 2021

WT Shot Tower  

Tim Harness lives close to Crane Park and has long been intrigued by the tree-covered mounds, concrete foundations and the "Shot Tower".  Watch his Explosive Twickenham video here

N26 cycling  

A glorious view of cycling to work along the River Crane through the woods and paths ! Sent to us by notinthepelton

July 2021

WT Source to Thames 2  

The Ramblers have discovered the River Crane and added it into their Capital Ring Walk. 

May 2021


Panorama investigated the scandal of polluted rivers, where water companies have been illegally dumping untreated sewage. The Thames at Barnes and Mogden Water Treatment plant are highlighted.

April 2021

Cortinarius heatherae  

A new toadstool was discovered by Andy Overall, who oft leads our fungi walks, near Heathrow airport.  Read the news article here or wikipedia entry.

December 2020


The maps for the River Crane need checking for accuracy ! Read Saul's blog of how he did it.

31 August 2020


The RFU section of the path along the Duke’s River is open. A great collaboration between Richmond and Hounslow Councils, the RFU and countless volunteers!

26 July 2019

 N23 Butterfly walk 1907   

Keen butterfly seekers were in Mereway on the FORCE walk. Joseph kindly created a photographic record of the day. 

July 2019


FORCE are delighted to have been honoured with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK. See our press release.

June 2019

Pollution Report from BBC  

FORCE helped identify pollution on the River Crane. BBC1 "Defenders UK" shows the Environment  Agency investigated & prosecuted.

6 December 2018

Enjoying the Bug Hunt  

Hunting for Bugs in the school holidays, spy glasses ready. Read Joseph's blog about the hunt including his own photographs. 


11 August 2018

Pollution in River crane  

A pollution incident has caused low numbers of invertebrates on the River Crane.


9 March 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Award logo  

Duke of Edinburgh Award student regularly help FORCE with activities. One enjoyed the Loop Walk between Twickenham, Hanworth & Feltham so much that she wrote abut it.


24 February 2018

Bird Walk in January 2018  

On a raining January day sixteen people joined Dan Keel bird watching alongside the Duke of Northumberland River.  Read Dan's blog on the birds spotted.


January 2018

Dr Tim Elson  

We are very sad to report the death of Dr Tim Elson.  Tim was a founder and Trustee of FORCE since 2003. He was a good loyal friend to us all, much loved and respected and will be greatly missed.


January 2018

Polluted Crane  

Coach firm polluted River Crane with toilet waste. Environmental detective work leads to £21,000 fines and £12,000 costs... EA Press Release


December 2017


Tree planting inaugurates new Northcote Nature Reserve in Isleworth


December 2017

Mereway Weir - Flow Tests  

Mereway Road Weir - Flow tests to improve flow in the Lower River Crane.


November 2017

River Crane Restoration Vision



Lower River Crane Restoration Vision and Consultation

Richmond Borough Council press release 


November 2017 and August 2018


A Fungi Foray in Crane Park, one of FORCE's Community Learning Walk and Talks, led by Andy Overall. 


October 2017

DofE Volunteers  

Duke of Edinburgh's Award volunteers work with FORCE


October 2017

Harlequins Bench  

A new carved bench has been put in place along the Duke of Northumberland’s River which celebrates the involvement of a family with the Harlequin Football Club.


August 2017

Citizen Crane safari  

Outfall Safaris monitor river pollution in the Crane Valley catchment. Joe Pecorelli's blog of 8th May 2017 for Thames21 explains the issues and how Citizen Scientists help.


May 2017

April Volunteer Sunday  

Martin O'Gara reports on our April Volunteer Sunday at Pevensey Nature reserve - the hottest day of 2017 so far.


April 2017

Common Frog  

The Marsh Frog is busy in in the River Crane !  A report by the Evening Standard in March explains why ...


March 2017

DNR Walk  

Birds, Wildlife & Photos on the Duke of Northumberland's River - Saturday 11th February.  One of our 2017 season's Community Learning Walks & Talks, led by and blog by Dan Keel


February 2017

Headstone Manor  

Headstone Manor Visit by FORCE with Harrow Council - Saturday 28th January.  The first of our 2017 season's Community Learnong Walks & Talks, blog by Jane Satchwell.


January 2017


The Mystery Mill, an exhibition by Year Six of Trafalgar Junior School at the Twickenham Museum. 


December 2016

Refections on Crane  

A sad tale of an inquiry in 1871 reported by the Morning Star ' A Suicide of a Mother With her Child'. 

Photograph permission from Richard Clemence



Tour of the River Crane Environment led by FORCE - Friday 20th May 2016 by Sue Palmer (SWLEN) from the SWLEN website.


May 2016


In the News: Crane Park Island features in The Times' 30 best wild places - Saturday February 2016


February 2016

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