FORCE has a record of undertaking surveys both directly or with partners to ascertain the status of wildlife in the River Crane. Some surveys are driven directly by incidents such as the catastrophic water pollution in 2011. Others are driven by a wish to understand the quality and quantity of the wildife in the river environment e.g. bats, small mammals, etc which help FORCE to understand the impact of urban traits in the catchment area. Some of these reports are commissioned directly by FORCE whereas others have been prepared by partners or are in the public domain.

Wildlife Reports
Tidal Crane Fish Report Rob Gray Sept 2018 Latest report on the nature and value of the fish habitat along the tidal Crane
Floating Plastic Litter Report Rob Gray 2017 ongoing Latest FORCE report on Floating Plastic Litter on the River Crane dated October 2018
Crane Park Fungi Foray Andy Overall Oct 2017 Fungi species found in Crane Park during our autumn Fungi Foray.
Pollution Report Citizen Crane Project Mar 2017 A significant pollution incident in January & February 2017 in the River Crane was identified by the Citizen Scientists of the Citizen Crane Project team.
DNR, Mogden & Isleworth Ait Bat Report Alison Fure Nov 2016 Bat survey and report on the Duke of Northumberland's River (DNR), Mogden-Isleworth Ait
Fungus Foray - Crane Park FORCE Oct 2016 Report on Fungi found and identified in Crane Park by a group on a Community Learning walk led by Andy Overall, London Fungus Group.
DNR Water vole survey maps FOA Ecology Jun 2016 Oct 2015 Mapped results from water vole surveys along the Duke's River near the RFU stadium from June 2016 and October 2015.
Hertfordshire and North London Fisheries Monitoring summary 2015 Environment Agency Jan 2016 A report on the fish monitoring in Herts and North London river catchment areas, including data on the River Crane (starting page 102).
Crane Catchment Water Pollution Incident Newsletter Environment Agency Oct 2015 A summary of the 28 water pollution incidents in the Crane catchement area from Sept 2014 to 2015.
Wildlife surveys proximity of Duke of Northumberland River FAO Ecology Oct 2015 Signs of water voles were identified along the DNR near to the Stoop. Another survey of The Stoop near the DNR looked into badger activity.
Crane Catchment Water Pollution Incident Newsletter Environment Agency Oct 2015 summary of the water pollution incidents from 14 Sept 2014 to 13 Sept 2015 in the Crane Catchment.
Duke's River Bat Report Alison Fure Sept 2015 Bat report for the river between Kneller Gardens and Whitton Dene
GLA questionnaire of the environmental impacts of urban growth FORCE Sept 2015 Report from FORCE to GLA.
Woodland Archaeology of the lower Crane CMA April 2015 Report commissioned by FORCE as part of the Big Green Fund project
Crane Fish and Fishing KJB – a fisherman 2014 A personal account of 30 years fishing the River Crane
Fungus Foray - Crane Park FORCE Oct 2014 Report on Fungi found and identified in Crane Park by a group led by Andy Overall, London Fungus Group.
River Crane Bat Report Alison Fure Sept 2014 Bat survey and report for the river in Heatham Estate Twickenham
Water Quality for the River Crane FORCE April 2013 Report on water quality and ecology produced by FORCE and submitted as part of the 2014 court case. Report presented to FORCE AGM in 2013 regarding the pollution incident which occurred in 2011.
Crane fish carcass count Environment Agency 2011 Raw data from the October 2011 fish kill.  The count includes around half the carcasses collected following the event
Ecology of the former post office sorting office site in Twickenham The Ecology Consultancy 2010 Report produced as part of the sale package for the Post Office Sorting office.
Invertebrates of Crane Park Richard A Jones Oct 2010 Preliminary Invertebrates Survey in Crane Park
Birds of the Lower Crane Corridor FORCE 2003 A report of birds noted in the Lower River Crane Corridor by Keith Martin, with some input form local observers and partners. Likewise a statement of the birds observed at Mereway Nature Reserve (previously allotments).
Plants of the Lower Crane Valley



A report prepared by Chris Hill of the plants on Mereway Nature Park, the Rifie Club and the DNR.