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18 Oct 2018 Official Opening of Twickenham Rough. FORCE were joined by Councillors, Council officers and the developer St James to brave the rain and officially open the borough’s newest green space. Press release

London Borough Richmond

19 Feb 2018 FORCE is encouraging people to be aware of how they dispose of rubbish after pulling over 1000+ cans out of the River Crane. Press release

Richmond &         RT Times 

August 2017 FORCE with Richmond Council, Harlequin Football Club and local resident Graham Hollins, have  installed a carved bench on the footpath along the Duke of Northumberland’s River adjacent to the Stoop rugby ground. Press Release
April 2016 FORCE has been awarded £4,977 from the Civic Pride Fund for a series of different projects to promote awareness of the Lower Crane Valley. Press Release
Jan 2016 Response to Heathrow Third Runway Environmental Proposals Press release  
Sept 2015 Pollution in River Crane from misconnected domestic pipes. Press releases FORCE & RTT 
11 August 2015 RFU dumping on the community again Letter to the Editor RTT
July 2015 FORCE angered by RFU approach to the Duke's River Press Release  
27 May 2015 Crane Park Memory Walk Walk invitation  
Mar 2015 FORCE delighted with GLA funding for the Duke’s River  Press Releases FORCE & map  
29 Jan 2015 Vote for the Duke's River and help raise £400,000 to Improve Access and Environmental Value Press Release  
Oct 2014 FORCE concerned at Richmond College re-development Press Release  
June 2014  River Crane Pollution in October 2011: Thames Water found guilty of negligence and fined Press Release