FORCE works with a large number of local groups, councils and partnerships to define the local wildlife areas in terms of their local importance both ecologically and socially, and ways to support these.  These management plans and partners noted here all influence the Crane Valley management and provide excellent background and policy information.

Wildlife Management Plans
Crane Valley Partnership London Wildlife Trust, CVP 2013 ongoing Crane Valley Catchment Plan : A Catchment Based Approach to improve the water environment.
Environment Agency EA   A map of the Catchment Plan of the locale including water body classifications.
London Borough of Richmond
LBR undated The published Biodiversity Action Plan for the London Borough of Richmond's role in supporting biodiversity.
London Borough of Hounslow
LBH 2011 - 2016 The Biodiversity Plan for Hounslow Borough is under review. In the meantime do look at their List of Wildlife Sites
London Wildlife Trust LWT Ongoing LWT manages Crane Park island which is a beautiful reserve with water voles, reedbeds and kingfishers.
Zoological Society of London ZSL 2005 ongoing ZSL have a long term programme to conserve eels in the tidal River Thames. This work inlcudes the River Crane eels. 
London Natural History Society LNHS Ongoing LNHS undertake a variety of work to support the natural biodiversity of the city.
FORCE FORCE 2007 Mereway Nature Park Management Plan 2007 - 2012, v2.4