FORCE Family Challenge

Family Friendly activities on the Crane

Are you up for a challenge? Take part and win the coveted FORCE Family Challenge badge. Get set to explore the wildlife of the River Crane corridor with your family! Help to make it a better place for people and wildlife! Be inspired by nature! Meet new people!

There is a FORCE Family Challenge badge for anyone who achieves 6 stamps over the course of a year 

Water VoleTo take part in the challenge with your family you can:

  •  Join one of our volunteer Sundays and get your hands dirty. All these activities are on our website.
  • Join in the organised activities that FORCE holds. The family friendly activities are shown as events.
  • Download an activity worksheet. There are many activities to choose from to discover the Crane together. 

  To take part in the family challenge

  • Register with us online here or download a registration form using this link
  • Record your participation on a challenge card. You will receive one of these when you register. They will also be available to collect at all FORCE events. If you do one of the downloadable activities you can award the stamp to your family yourself.
  • There is a FORCE Family Challenge badge for anyone who achieves 5 stamps over the course of a year. To claim your badge show us your completed challenge card, or email us with a photo of your card and some photos of your family out and about.

Water Vole

For more information please email using the subject FORCE Family Challenge. Our thanks to Heathrow Community Fund and Richmond Civic Pride for their funding support to enable this challenge to be set up.