Why FORCE needs your support

FORCE’s work is supported and funded through our membership scheme, and from grants from various funding bodies. Our membership scheme provides us with a secure source of income which we are able to top up with grants for specific projects. Membership is very reasonable : only £2 if under 18s, £5 for an individual, £8 per household and £10 per organisation per year !

Why your support makes a difference

Support from members gives us a strong voice when dealing with the borough councils, statutory bodies and funding bodies. The more members we have, the more representative of the community we are.

Feedback from members allows us to work on projects that you feel are important.

Your membership subscription means we can continue our work and your support will help us:

  • Look after and enhance the habitats and heritage along the River Crane
  • Improve access to, and linkages between the Crane valley sites for local people
  • Protect and improve the green spaces along the River Crane by responding to policy documents and planning applications
  • Raise local public awareness of the Crane valley
  • Work with local schools on our Outdoor Classroom project

We can’t do it without your support!

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