One of FORCE's charitable Objects is ... to protect and enhance the environment of the River Crane, the Duke of Northumberland's River, their corridors and surrounding open spaces ... To help secure benefits to the community and environment FORCE engages with:

  • planning officials and councillors in the relevant boroughs
  • public- and private-sector developers,
  • and other interested environmental and community stakeholders.

and where appropriate FORCE will:

  • respond to planning consultations and development proposals
  • make representations at relevant community fora and working groups related to planning applications and development proposals

Below are listed planning applications where FORCE has submitted comments and/or objections. The planning reference links the appropriate site and all associated documents.

Planning Applications and Consultations
Published detail
FORCE's view
Council Reference

Apr 2023

LBRuT The Mereway Centre, Mereway Road, Twickenham

FORCE would like this space to be returned to public open space as an extension to Kneller Gardens. We would be happy to discuss with the Council & developer.


Nov 2022






Mar 2023

LB Hounslow London Borough of Hounslow West of Borough Plan

FORCE responded that the Local Plan Review Volume 3 - West of Borough Plan represents an existential threat to Green Belt protections and a major failure of duty by the Council to consider the current planning realities in LB Hounslow. View full response


Briefing note signed by FORCE et al, sent to all LB Hounslow councillors

  LB Hounslow Plan
Sept 2022 LBRuT & LB Hounslow Thames Water 25 year plans for a resilient & sustainable wastewater service Thames Water prepared a Drainage & Waste Managment Plan for consultation. FORCE responded noting the lack of ambitious goals & referencing local pollution incidents.    
Sept 2022 LB Hounslow Kneller Hall proposed redevelopment as School Duke's Education ignored all FORCE's suggestions for opening public access to the former Kneller Hall grounds, as proposed in the Borough's Local Plan, so we objected to its planning application, and further in November.  

Dukes Education



May 2022 LB Hounslow Borough Character & Design Study SPD Hounslow's consultation on an update to the 2014 Urban Context & Character study : FORCE responded with constructive inputs, and further comments in June 2022   Character & Design SPD
Mar & Oct 2022


Greggs Bakery development proposals

FORCE’s March response to the proposals was followed up in October as new proposals still did not include sufficient environmental and community benefit to counteract the impact of the scheme. Suggestions to mitigate these impacts were included.




Jan 2022


Richmond Local Plan, Pre-publication Regulation 18 Consultation

This document responds to LBRuT's Pre-Publication Consultation Draft of the Richmond Local Plan, with FORCE's aspirations for the River Crane and the Duke of Northumberland's River.

Jan 2022

LB Hounslow

Hounslow Heath Golf Course, TW4 5DS

FORCE supports the reduction in size of the golf course for nature reserve, and the Ecology Report.



Nov 2021

LB Hounslow

London Borough Hounslow Local Plan

FORCE responded to proposals to remove Green Belt protections from 500 hectares of open space and re-designate over 200 hectares for development. 

FORCE provided this Opening Statement at the Examination in Public regarding Green Belt and MOL matters 18 November. 

FORCE Closing Statement for the Inspectors on 23 November 2021.


LB Hounslow Plan


 Oct 2021

Middlesex Crematorium TW13 5JH

Installation of new stainless steel flue on rear roof, connecting into 2 existing flues FORCE did not object, provided that the flues did not visually intrude into the adjacent public open spaces, and that there was no increase in noise intrusion into the spaces




Sep 2021

Hounslow Strategy

London Borough of Hounslow Green & Blue Infrastructure Strategy

FORCE are delighted that LB Hounslow is producing an overall strategy for the green and blue infrastructure of the Borough and provide an initial response to the main components, hoping to work with LBH to deliver aspects of the strategy.


LB Hounslow Strategy

Aug 2021

Cranebank Training Centre, Hounslow

Demolition of buildings and erection of two buildings for industrial use with ancillary office space, three storey car park, boundary treatment, landscaping, service yards. The proposed development offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to resolve two key severances to the London Loop and enable greener transport, plus would unlock major public health and amenity benefits for large swathes of the southwest London population. FORCE response  


May 2021

Mereway Fish Pass

Installation of a technical fish pass for passage between the River Crane & Duke of Northumberland River

FORCE are supportive in principle and have highlighted some key requests for works to enhance the value of the project and manage residual risks


Feb 2021







 Oct 2021

RBuT College, Egerton Rd, Twickenham TW2 7SJ

Consultation in relation to the proposals of Clarion Housing on the site of Richmond upon Thames College

Concerns remain that the residential mass will overshadow Mill Road and impact ecological value of local green spaces. See previous response Feb 2019 below. FORCE welcomes the opportunity to discuss and Clarions engagement with the lcoal community.

Further comments were given to specific aspects of the latest Clarion proposals.










Oct 2020

Meadway Twickenham

Request for a pedestrian controlled crossing of Meadway at the point where the path to/from Kneller Gardens links with the path to/from Crane Park

FORCE and Friends of Kneller Gardens share a concern for a safe link between Kneller Gardens & Crane Park and request a controlled crossing.  The heavy use of this road crossing is shown in FORCE surveys. Following with solution seeking communication with RBuT.

Oct 2020

Meadway Twickenham

Proposal for 20m high communications mast at Meadway entrance to Crane Park, TW2 6PH

FORCE object to the mast & cabinets as it would visually impair the green site, which is MOL & has Green Flag status, and the safety of people crossing the road.   Withdrawn Nov 2020



Oct 2019

Mereway Nature Reserve 

Installation of a fish pass for passage of fish between the River Crane and Duke of Northumberland River (DNR). The fish pass will be approximately 8-10m across (bank to bank) with a 1m channel and 100m in length.

FORCE supports this fish pass as it creates a route for fish to move upstream from the lower Crane into the main Crane river system for the first time in many years and will create a new 70 metre long stream through the Mereway Nature Reserve.

Sept 2019

Hounslow Borough

West of Borough Local Plan Review. Regulation 19 Consultation

FORCE objects to removal of Green Belt protection from 125 hectares of open space and the re-designation of much remaining Green Belt as Metropolitan Open Land. Plus reviews the validity and purpose of the proposals and critiques the policy detail of the plan. 

  Regulation 19 Consultation
Sept 2019

Heathrow Aiport

Heathrow third runway proposals

FORCE submitted a detailed objection to the proposals and proposed landscape scale enhancements to the network of open spaces in the envelope of impact from Heathrow.

Sept 2019

Richmond upon Thames College

Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale for the Building Zone 2 of the College Development Zone (STEM building and Marsh Farm Lane alterations)

FORCE welcomes the propsoed tree and wildflower landscaping.  Suggestions are given for the width of paths, and concerns about cycle parking, litter bin provision, etc. Submission details are on the council website.

August 2019

Campbell Close Twickenham

Building on Metropolitan Open Land

FORCE believe that the sheds and platform are built on MOL without planning permission so raised a submission to the enforcement department.

June 2019

garages adjacent 75 Churchview Road Twickenham 

Demolition of the existing garage block and the erection of a mews development, consisting of 2 x 2 bedroom dwellings, together with associated car parking and landscaping improvements.

FORCE objects to this proposal as it constitutes over-development of a sensitive site adjacent to MOL, and does not offer community and environmental value to the Crane valley. We would welcome the opportunity for discussion of all matters raised with the developers and relevant council staff

June 2019

Kneller Hall Whitton

Kneller Hall Supplementary Planning Document : will guide future development for the site.


FORCE has a keen interest in the development of Kneller Hall site. Key opportunities for community and environmental benefits can be derived, including opening up Whitton Brook and linking to the Duke’s River corridor FORCE Submission. A further submission Jan 2020 and June 2022

  Richmond SPD 


May 2019

London Green Spaces Commission

To help support London boroughs transform how parks services are managed and funded to maintain or increase investment in parks and green spaces.

The opportunity to input to this Commission into London Green Spaces is welcomed by FORCE  to share local initiatives and influence their recommendations



Apr 2019

Greggs Gould Road Twickenham TW2 6RT

Demolition of existing buildings (with retention of single dwelling) and redevelopment to provide up to 116 residential units and 175sq.m commercial floorspace; landscaped areas; associated parking and highways; and other works.

FORCE objects to this proposal as it as deficient in terms of its approach to the community and would have a detrimental environmental impact with lighting, noise, shading and littering on local enviroment. More details are in the FORCE submission. Plus email of 3 August 2020 and Council presentation.


Richmond 19/0646/FUL


Feb 2019

RBuT College, Egerton Rd Twickenham TW2 7SJ

Detail pursuant to Outline Planning Permission 15/3038/OUT. Demolition of existing college buildings, redevelopment to provide 180 residential units with associated parking for 160 vehicles, open space and landscaping.

FORCE has concerns regarding the pressures of over-usage, littering and degradation of the remaining open spaces in this highly developed part of the borough. There needs to be three-way liaison and discussions between FORCE, LBRuT and the College to maximise the benefits of these housing proposals for the environment and the local community.


Richmond Borough

Transport Local Implementation Plan

Council of Richmond upon Thames Borough has invited inout to their third Transport Local Implementation Plan. FORCE welcomed the opportunity to feedback into the boroughs approach to delivering the Mayor's Transport Strategy.   


Richmond LIP3

Dec 2018

Hounslow Borough

Transport Local Implementation Plan (LIP3)

Hounslow Borough Council’s third Transport Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) sets out how the borough proposes to deliver the objectives of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. FORCE welcomed the opportunity to give input to the challenges, objectives and plans.


Hounslow LIP3

Nov 2018

Feltham Marshalling Yard, Harlington Road East, Feltham

Constuction of railway sidings to creat new Rail Deport

FORCE submitted a strong objection to the proposal by South Western railways to develop about 5 hectares of the Feltham Marshalling Yards site.  This site abandoned as a railways sidings in 1965 has since been designated as a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation (MSINC) and is Green Belt.  This proposal for consideration as a “permitted development” would not require the same level of scrutiny, but is contrary to policy at London and local level so is entirely inappropriate.



Oct 2018

Twickenham Railway Station London Road

River walkway and associated hard and soft landscaping and fencing FORCE is supportive of in principle of this proposal, and gives comments on the materials of the meanderign path, accessability and details of the woodland path.  


Aug 2018

Hounslow Heath Golf Course, Staines Road, Hounslow, London TW4 5DS

Development of a children's zoo and adventure park, golf facilities and high ropes course at Hounslow Heath Golf Centre That there is great potential to preserve and improve areas of heathland and acid grassland within the site to help preserve the unique Hounslow Heath habitat is partly acknowledged in the proposals. But without maps to identify these areas and no commitment to public access these proposals have little real value.  FORCE response   P/2018/3196 
Aug 2018

Garage adjacent 75 Churchview Road Twickenham

Demolition of an existing garage block and the erection of a mews development, consisting of 3 x 2 bedroom dwellings, together with associated car parking and landscaping works.

This site is local to the River Crane and as such FORCE responsed to the Appeals Inspectorate indicating the important community and environmental value of the River Crane which this development will overlook. Additionally it is in an area of MOL so is protected.  

The appeal was dismissed 8 Nov 2018




Jul 2018

SEGRO Park Heathrow Ariel Way Hounslow TW4 6JW 

Re-development of the site comprising the construction of an industrial unit (B1(c)/B2/B8 uses) with ancillary offices, means of access, car and cycle parking facilities, drainage, landscaping, plant and ancillary works.

The SEGRO scheme is a major development proposal within and adjacent to the River Crane corridor. The key requirement for FORCE to support any proposal along the River Crane corridor is for the proposal to provide clear net benefits to the environmental and community value. FORCE met with SEGRO representatives in August 2017, and have had constructive correspondence subsequently. SEGRO are aware of our aspirations and concerns for the Causeway site and its links with adjacent green spaces and initiatives. 




Mar 2018

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow's consultation relates to the physical changes on the ground needed to build and operate a new north west runway, and design for the new airspace required for an expanded airport. 

FORCE's response considers the potential impacts of the airport expansion and associated secondary development upon the integrity and value of the open spaces within the Crane catchment.  A wider assessment is needed of the likely direct and secondary impacts upon the green corridors between the Thames valley and the Chilterns as corresponds to the aircraft flightpaths and the area of Heathrow’s consultation exercise.  FORCE sets an approach to investigating and mitigating impacts at this regional scale, providing a major new and enhanced open space network for all communities impacted over the medium to long term.

   Heathrow link
Dec 2017

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow expansion: revised draft Airports National Policy Statement. Consultation on HM Government's preferred scheme for adding new runway capacity in the South East of England was through a Northwest Runway at Heathrow Airport.

FORCE responded to this second round of consultation from the Department for Transport.  We expressed our concern about the clear negative impacts of a third runway development (and associated infrastructure demands) upon open spaces and the River Crane and the lack of large scale mitigation measures proposed to date.  FORCE set out proposals for large scale improvements to the river corridor and associated open spaces – starting with a landscape scale management plan.   Department for Transport Consultation
Dec 2017

West area, Hounslow Borough

The West of Borough area forms part of the Heathrow Opportunity Area. This Great West Corridor area has been identified as one of the new Opportunity Areas in the emerging London Plan for significant business growth and housing development with improved public transport access. The Hounslow Local Plan consultation document has major implications for many of the open spaces in the west of the Borough.  FORCE is concerned that the proposals as they stand are a major threat to local open space and largely fail to recognise the opportunities for enhanced and better linked public open spaces in this area.  FORCE's response highlights our concerns and identifies key opportunities for improvement.  

Hounslow Local Plan Review

Nov 2017

Hounslow Borough Conservation Area

The appraisals set out what makes each conservation area special and outlines why these are important heritage assets. These draft appraisals build on the conservation statements for each of Hounslow’s conservation areas and will help influence assessment of future planning applications. FORCE submitted comments to the draft appraisals for thise areas noting FORCE's interest and their potential.   Hounslow Conservation Plan Appraisal
Oct 2017

Craneford Way Playing Fields

Installation of a 15m high slim line, telegraph pole type telecommunications tower with 1no. antenna within the pole and 3no. ground based equipment cabinets and other ancillary equipment there

Telecomms mast proposal for Craneford Field. FORCE objected to this proposal on various grounds including – location and impact upon the Crane corridor and amenity; proof of need and planning process. FORCE's submission.
The application was refused by the council in October 2017.

FORCE re-submitted their response to a change to this application made in June 2018.


Decision (Refusal)
Jul 2017 RFU Stadium, Twickenham

Construction of two permanent extended perimeter entrances (Gate 1 and Gate 2) on Whitton Road and one temporary perimeter entrance (Gate 3) at Cardinal Vaughan Bridge to facilitate 65 turnstile lanes and 6 accessible lanes with associated canopy structures and hardstanding...

This application threatens to install temporary turnstiles next to the DNR, involving temporary closure of the DNR pathway on event days.  It also threatens even higher fencing along the pathway.  FORCE's response to applicationobjects on the grounds that it represents the latest ratchetting up of RFU pressure to degrade the environment of the DNR for residents and wildlife, and to close the DNR pathway to the public permanently.   17/2108/FUL
May 2017 Heathrow Airport

Department for Transport Airport National Policy Statement – consultation.    This document has been precipitated by the Heathrow third runway proposals.

FORCE objects to the proposals based on their impact upon the rivers in the Crane valley, namely the upper Duke's River, Longford river, and main Crane River. FORCE puts forward proposals for mitgiating these impacts. 


Apr 2017 Borough - Playing Fields

Public Space Protection Orders consultation

FORCE welcomes these proposals in principle and has also set out a few comments and concerns on the specific proposals.  Detailed comments.


PSPO consultation results Oct 2017

Mar 2017 Feltham Masterplan, Hounslow

Feltham Masterplan consultation

FORCE's response to the Feltham Masterplan consultation


Feltham Masterplan consultation

Feb 2017 London Borough Richmond Local Plan

The Local Plan sets out a 15-year strategic vision, objectives and the spatial strategy as well as the planning policies and site allocations that will guide future development of the borough. This consultation follows earlier consultations in January and August 2016 (see below).

FORCE has submitted a response to the February 2017 consultation on the Richmond Local plan.  This includes support of various aspects of the plan and concerns regarding some others.  FORCE strongly supports the related proposals in the “Local Plan Proposals Map Changes”, to include new sites along the Crane as Other Sites of Nature Importance and also encourages their incorporation into the existing Lower Crane Valley Metropolitan SINC.


Local Plan - Publication Consultation

Dec 2016 Twickenham Stoop Stadium

Installation of LED floodlighting system to replace current floodlights on top of East and West stand, Twickenham Stoop Stadium, Langhorn Drive, Twickenham TW2 7SX

 FORCE objects given the failure to recognise the impact higher illumination and extended hours will have on the environment, local residents and ecology   16/2178/FUL
Nov 2016 Rectory Farm, Hounslow

Land at Rectory Farm, Cranford Lane, Hounslow Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary

FORCE shares the aspiration that “The creation of the new park would have a permanent moderate beneficial effect on the land use on the site and a permanent substantial beneficial effect on recreation and tourism in the area.”    P/2016/5112
Nov 2016 Council Boroughs

Supplementary Planning Document : London Boroughs of Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond upon Thames. Development control for noise generating and noise sensitive development July 2014

FORCE  supports the protection of relative tranquility and quietness where such features are valued. The extension of this protection to MOL, green land to protect the environment and wildlife is requested.    RBUT
Sep 2016 Land Rear Of Campbell Close Twickenham

A new build, three bedroom home, predominantly single storey. The proposed site covering is generally grass with mature trees and planting.

This proposal would develop additional footprint for private benefit within MOL and the River Crane corridor. It would impact the integrity and wildlife/community value and be contrary to local and regional planning policy.   16/2815/OUT
Aug 2016 London Borough Richmond Local Plan

The Local Plan sets out a 15-year strategic vision, objectives and the spatial strategy as well as the planning policies and site allocations that will guide future development of the borough. This consultation follows an informal Scoping Consultation in January 2016.

FORCE welcomes the consideration of “Green Infrastructure” as a separate and important aspect of the Borough’s infrastructure. This chimes with the primary level of importance attributed to the natural environment by local people.  More details are in the FORCE response.   Local Plan Pre-Publication Consultation
Aug 2016 RFU Stadium, east stand Twickenham Structural alterations to, and extension of, the existing RFU Stadium East Stand to accommodate additional floorspace for the provision of hospitality (corporate hospitality and debenture hospitality), conferencing and banqueting and other associated works and formation of new access on Rugby Road.

FORCE would like to see evidence that the RFU recognises the strategic value of the DNR corridor as a long-term community asset.  This application to improve hospitality for RFU clients provides an excellent opportunity to begin this long-term RFU engagement.
Presentation by FORCE to the Planning Committee 14 December 2016.

Apr 2016 Land south west of Green Lane, Hounslow Variation of condition 8 to change the opening and closing times of the Sports Club to 07.00 to 23.00 (Monday and Sunday inclusive) and condition 10 to allow floodlights to be used from 16.00 to 22.30 daily of planning permission 00507/Y/P2 of 16/10/2016 for erection of clubhouse, covered standing area and seating area with provision of football pitches and associated parking The extension of the opening hours of the Sports Club and to the hours during which floodlights are allowed to be used, fail to protect the ecological value of this extremely sensitive area. If approved, this application would cause considerable disturbance to the character of this open space, and to its wildlife, particularly bats.   P/2016/1160
Mar 2016 Rectory Farm, Hounslow Land at Rectory Farm, Cranford Lane, Hounslow Environmental Impact Assessment Revision Scoping Report The Rectory Farm site is important as Green Belt of the River Crane Valley.  FORCE welcomes this opportunity to comment and contribute to the opening of this 44 hectares as as new parkland.   SC/2016/0471
Feb 2016 West of Hounslow Borough The West of Borough Plan focus on the areas of Hanworth, Feltham, Hounslow West, Bedfont and Cranford and Heston. The plan proposes a 15 year vision to the adopted London Borough of Hounslow Local Plan. FORCE is particularly concerned by the emphasis on urban growth utilising green belt and open spaces without evaluation of the value of the spaces nor improvements for the benefit of local communities.  

West of borough plan review



Dec 2015 Twickenham Rough Land known as Twickenham Rough to the west of Twickenham Sorting Office, London Road Twickenham. Opening up Twickenham Rough as a public space for wildlife and the local community is supported by FORCE, being a long held aspiration.  Some caveats are noted.   13/1147/DD01
Dec 2015 As stated right Feltham Re-signalling site compound, former Marshalling Yard, Harlington Road East, Feltham, London TW13 5BN FORCE is concerned that development of Metropolitan Green Belt reduces the Green Chain area and building work will significantly impact the environment by noise, pollution and lighting.  



Oct 2015 Twickenham Rugby Stadium Installation of temporary lighting to the roof, entrances and statue and erection of temporary facade signage and LED screens to support the Rugby World Cup 2015 matches to be held at Twickenham Stadium FORCE believes the impact of temporary lighting pollution upon the local environment, MOL, is unacceptable, as is extending this lighting beyond the World Cup timeframes.  Also submitted was the bat survey.   15/3791/FUL
Sep 2015 Hounslow Heath Golf Club Hounslow Heath Golf Course Staines Road Hounslow London TW4 5DS FORCE request an environmental proposal given the potential/risk for environmental and community benefits within the design and delivery. Interested parties can then contribute. FORCE Responsediagram from Hounslow Local Plan, and Crane Valley map.   P/2015/3085
Nov 2015     Improvements in a revised application are welcomed but original objections remain.   P/2015/3085
Jun 2017     An appeal was lodged in January.  FORCE  previous submissions had not been addressed, nor had Green Belt considerations, nor light / noise impacts to the environment. The planning inspector’s report was released in June and the appeal has been successful.  FORCE will continue to monitor the situation in liaison with LB Hounslow and the Save Hounslow Heath campaign.    
Sep 2015 As noted right Land A316 Junction Langhorn Drive and Richmond College including Craneford Way Playing Fields and Egerton Road Twickenham Impact on Crane valley and access to Craneford Playing Fields  FORCE Response and further feedback in Jan 2016   15/3038/OUT
Jan 2015 As noted right Fountains Close Development, Butts Farm, Feltham FORCE is concerned re the loss on this site and the publically accessible open space in the Crane Valley so object to the proposal. FORCE response   P/2014/3836
Jun 2015 RFU Stadium Whitton Rd Twickenham Installation of security upgrades comprising the erection of peripheral and inner ticketing fencing, 3 turnstiles and CCTV. FORCE is concerned as to the impact upon DNR corridor by the RFU erecting fences reducing the pathway and impacting wildlife. 


Dec 2015     FORCE objected to an earlier submission for the same reasons. Previous mitigations would be largely removed.   15/4455/FUL
Mar 2015 Heatham House Whitton Rd Twickenham Replacement floodlights on 14 No. 4.5m high columns to sports pitches. Lighting may flood the River Crane corridor and impact the wildlife, especially bats. FORCE response   15/1245/FUL