DISCOVER: The Lower Crane Valley

The River Crane passes through a patchwork of open space, each with its distinct ecology. Many of these spaces have a high environmental value and include mixed grassland, heathland, wet meadow, wetland, scrub and woodland. Together these green spaces provide an important wildlife corridor for West London.

Man has altered the course of the River Crane, creating a millstream for Hounslow Gunpowder Mills and tunnels under Feltham Marshalling Yards. Large ponds, planted with marginal wetland species, were excavated recently in Pevensey Road Nature Reserve. Water voles are resident in the open river channels.

Download the printable map (below) or the full activity sheet and map (right) to help you follow the lower Crane Valley Trail. 

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The Lower Crane Valley runs between Hounslow Heath, Pevensey Nature Reserve and Little Park, through Crane Park to Kneller Gardens, where the River Crane splits with the Duke of Northumberland's River heading to Isleworth via Riverside Walk and the Crane heading through Twickenham Junction Rough, Moormead and onto Isleworth.


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