DISCOVER: The Crane Valley Trail

The Crane Valley Trail is a straight route of approximately 26 miles and can be split into 3 individual sections between 8 and 9 miles long.  There are clearly many other possibilities the route could take and over time a definitive route will be published. The route we have trialled  starts at Headstone Manor and travels the length of the catchment to Isleworth where the Duke of Northumberland river meets the River Thames.  

Here are links to the 3 individual walks that have been tried and tested by volunteers.

Walk 1 - Headstone Manor to Yeading Brook Meadows

Walk 2 -Yeading Brook Meadows to Baber Bridge

Walk 3 - Baber Bridge to Isleworth

The concept of this trail is encapsulated in a brochure from CVP : Crane Valley Trail concept

See also the Tidal Crane Association a residents’ group which cares for the tidal stretch of the River Crane between the Northcote Road footbridge to the Thames at Isleworth.