Walking the River Crane, Part 3: from Bulls Bridge, Hayes Lane to it's source at Headstone Manor

Saturday 19 March 2016
10:00 to 15:00

This year FORCE are walking the length of the River Crane, from where it joins the Thames at Isleworth to it's head spring at Headstone Manor in Harrow.  There will be three walks to achieve this.  It will be most interesting as we watch how the Crane changes form and use meandering through the different landscapes en route. See poster.


The final walk starts at Bulls Bridge in Hayes Lane, UB2 5LN at 10.00am and strolls through to find the source of the River Crane at Headstone Manor, Harrow, Pinner View, HA2 6PX.   Please bring along drinks and a packed lunch, plus wear suitable outdoors clothing and footwear. Kindly book via info@force.org.uk, this is essential as we shall share more information.

Contact info@force.org.uk
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Cost Free