Volunteer Sunday - Crane Park - Butts Farm

Sunday 12 March 2017
10:30 to 16:00

To the south of Crane Park Island we will be helping the work of London Wildlife Trust to repair riverbanks and restore vole habitat.

  • Hedge maintenance
  • Removal of small trees that overshadow the river to improve riverbank growth and visibility
  • Trim off cuts for use as posts and binders
  • Fruit tree maintenance

We would greatly appreciate your help and align activities to your ability or skills.  If you only have an hour do come along, likewise if you want to spend all day with us. Please wear suitable outdoor clothing and footwear as some areas may be a little muddy.  We shall have a lunch break about 12.30 so bring some sandwiches or snack with you.  We shall have hot drinks and biscuits to share.  Thank you for coming along !

Contact Martin O'Gara
Butts Farm, Saxon Ave
TW13 5LZ
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Cost Free