Volunteer Sunday at Crane Park, Butts Farm

Sunday 11 March 2018
10:30 to 16:00



Today we will be volunteering at Crane Park near Butts Farm to tidy up the area.  There will be lots of jobs to do for all types of ages and skills. We shall be clearing brambles near the payground so children can play safer, tending to the fruit trees, maintaining the hazel grove and wood chipping paths. Of course, there is always litter picking to do too !!


Please come along wearing sturdy boots and clothing for outside activities.  The opening chat is at 10.30am and we shall have gardening gloves and equipment for you.  If you can spare an hour, that would be great, but if you have longer time that would be even better.  Lunch is 12:45 - 1.15pm so please bring something to eat.  We shall have hot drinks and biscuits.   I look forward to seeing you near the Dragonfly bench !

Contact Martin O'Gara
Crane Park beside the River Crane near Butts Farm, Saxon Avenue
TW13 5LZ
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Cost Free