Hedge Laying - A Community Learning Day

Wednesday 20 November 2019
10:20 to 16:00

EV Volunteers planting whips

We will be laying a number a small sections of hedge between Hospital Bridge Road and Mill Road. Everyone has an opportunity to try the ancient art of hedge laying, including staking and binding the hedge into place.  We shall also be carrying out some maintenance of the wetland scrapes.  There are plenty of jobs for all skill levels.


We shall meet in Crane Park at 10.20 at Crane Aprk at the Hospital Bridge Road entrance.  The event is being run by TCV as a community learning day and details are on their website here. All are welcome to come and join us, for an hour or two, or all day.  Please wear suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for the weather on the day; and bring yourself a packed lunch.  


We look forward to seeing you !

Contact Laura Brackenbury
07985 943900
Crane Park at Hospital Bridge Road entrance
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Cost Free