Help to maintain Meadway Orchard with TCV

Thursday 05 August 2021
10:00 to 16:00

v pre Meadway Orchard Meadway Orchard was set up as a fruit orchrd for everyone to enjoy but it could do with a bit of a tidy up !  It was previously a neglected green space left to scrub and ivy but was reclaimed by FORCE in 2013. It was repurposed as a community orchard planted with new fruit trees and fruit bushes in 2013, a stag beetle loggery was put in by TCV in 2014. TCV are having a day to remove tree saplings, thistles and brambles, weed around the fruit trees and general tidy up. Volunteers to help do this would be welcome.


The site is adjacent to main pedestrian path on Meadway and bordered by housing, a school and the River Crane. It is a short walk crossing Meadway to Kneller Gardens cafe and its facilities. There are 12 spaces for this activity so please book your place. We look forward to seeing you !

Contact Judith Ressler of TCV
Meadway Orchard, Meadway
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Cost Free but please book a place