Wednesday 04 October 2023
20:00 to 21:20

FORCE are holding their annual AGM and members are invited to attend at Twickenham Club.  All members of FORCE are invited. The AGM Notice and Nomination for the Board of Trustees form is available. The draft agenda, proxy form and annual review are available to view

The AGM is an opportunity to hear about our activities over the past year, vote on any Resolutions and ask questions of the Trustees. It is extra special this year as it is the 20th anniversary of the founding of FORCE – so we hope you will be able to join us in person to mark the occasion. 

In order to be quorate we will need at least 5% of the members to attend or provide a proxy vote. We would therefore be very grateful if members would consider appointing a proxy if unable to attend the meeting in person. A proxy voting form is available, which allows the Chair or another member to vote on your behalf. To be valid, the completed Proxy Form must be emailed to by 12 noon on Monday, 2nd October 2023.

We look forward to seeing you to share our news and updates.  Grab a drink for the bar and join us in the ground floor conference room.


Twickenham Club
7 Church Street
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