2016-17 Volunteer Sunday Programme
Activities - normally confirmed 2 weeks before event

9th October 2016

Twickenham Junction Rough


Confirmed programme includes:
  • hedge planting,
  • loggery building,
  • river clean-up,
  • clearing litter, and
  • generally improve the open space that's being created,

13th November 2016

Craneford Field West,
Triangle and Rifle Club


  • Preliminary strimming of grass/bramble in west corner
  • Maintenance of old and new trees
  • Cutting back hedge by RC
  • Dead hedge entry to Triangle by the bend
  • Tree maintenance and possible planting in CFW

11th December 2016

Crane Park - Hanworth Road


Help us maintain this tucked away corner of Crane Park where we will be:

  • Maintaining a small bridge
  • Opening up the hazel grove by clearing scrub and woodchipping the path
  • Coppicing trees close to the river’s edge
  • Woodchipping the outdoor classroom by the Hanworth Road
  • Creating some dead hedges

8th January 2017

Willow Way


Help us improve one of the new open spaces that runs alongside the River Crane.
  • Maintain and woodchip the path that runs through the open space
  • Remove ivy that is smothering apple trees
  • Improve screening/dead hedge at 316 end of the path
  • Maintain the newly planted hedge that runs along the fence

12th February 2017

Crane Park, Mill Road – Meadway to HBR


Help us maintain and improve one of the open spaces that runs alongside the River Crane.  We shall be doing a variety of jobs, suitable for all ages and skills...
  • Hedging maintenance
  • Hedge planting in gaps
  • Maintenance of scrapes
  • Woodchip paths and open space
  • Removal of crowded understorey
  • Rebuild dead hedges

12th March 2017

Crane Park - Butts Farm


To the south of Crane Park Island we will be helping the work of London Wildlife Trust to repair riverbanks and restore vole habitat.

  • Hedge maintenance
  • Removal of small trees that overshadow the river to improve riverbank growth and visibility
  • Trim off cuts for use as posts and binders
  • Fruit tree maintenance

9th April 2017

Pevensey Nature Reserve


We will be visiting one of the ‘wilder’ stretches of the River Crane to support the ongoing work of Hounslow Green Gym by:

  • Clear brush from under trees
  • Remove ivy from trees (ringing)
  • Glade clearance
  • Woodchip path
  • Litter removal

14th May 2017

Mereway Nature Park


This popular spot where the Duke of Northumberland’s River diverts from the Crane has a lot of users. This will be a family friendly day with activities suitable for all ages.

  • Repair of dead hedges
  • Sowing or planting border wildflowers
  • Tree maintenance
  • Tending recently planted hedge plants along the railway line

11th June 2017

Crane Park, Reed Island


Continuing our annual assault on removing invasive Himalayan Balsam and planting native species.

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