FORCE Volunteers ...

Duke of Edinburgh students in front of orchardDuke of Edinbugh students cleared undergrowth from the orchard trees 

Balsam Bash

Balsam removal in Crane Park - with help from the local Scouts and other supporters.

Silverhall Park Rubbish

Rubbish collected from Silverhall Park.

Where did it all come from?

Meadway Orchard

Maintaining the Meadway Orchard.

Pevensey Rubbish

Collecting rubbish at Pevensey Road Nature Reserve. Its amazing what you can find if you really look.

Insect Hotel

Our young supporters building an insect hotel at Mereway

Willow Pollarding

Willow pollarding on Crane Park Island with DoE students

Reed removal

Mike and Nathan enjoying reed removal on Crane Park Island.