2015-16 Volunteer Sunday Programme
11th October 2015 Craneford Field West and Rifle Club
General maintenance
Woodchipping path in Triangle
Path restoration in CFW
Clearing round trees in CFW
8th November 2015 Crane Park at the Mill Road entrance
General maintenance
Maintain hedge by allotments
Woodchipping paths
Removing ivy from fruit trees in OS
River clean-up downstream and upstream
River clean-up by back stream weir
Tidy up riverbank opposite bench
13th December 2015 Crane Park and Crane Park Island
Directions (CPI) meet by the Shot Tower
Willow pollarding
Clear scrub from archaeology
River clean-up
10th January 2016 Willow Way child-friendly day
Improve cleared open space by HBR
Maintain path
Remove ivy from apple trees
Planting on cleared area by river
Help with screening/dead hedge at A316 end
14th February 2016 Crane Park (Hospital Bridge Road to Meadway)
Hedge planting in gaps
Maintenance of existing hedge
Laying hedge
Maintenance of scrapes
River clear-up
13th March 2016
22nd March 2016
Butts Farm

"Volunteer Sunday" - now re-scheduled it for Tuesday 22nd March World Water Day.  There will be at least a couple of Trustees there but we will have tools for more and we will be coppicing sycamores to open up the view of the river as well as mulching the hedges and hazel.  Meet us at the dragonfly terrace from 10-30am – all welcome 

10th April 2016 Pevensey Road Nature Reserve
Work plan includes:        
clearing bramble and self-set saplings to restore open meadow;
brush removal from cleared orchard area;
ivy removal from poplars;
path woodchipping and the usual litter pick.
8th May 2016

Mereway Nature Park and the lower Duke of Northumberlands River.

This area is undergoing some really positive improvement as a result of the Borough’s investment of GLA funds.  Take a look for yourselves and Jjoin in. Activities include:
- planting young trees along the railway line and the newly laid DNR path;
- dead hedging to provide an environmentally friendly barrier between the Nature Reserve and the DNR path; and
- woodchipping the outdoor classroom.

12th June 2016 Crane Park, Lincoln Field

The Balsam Bash - Removal of Himalayan Balsam from the river bank and replanting with marginal plants.


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