FORCE is involved in several projects at any one time.  These vary from small scale one-off surveys to larger scale work alongside our partners.

Below are listed some previous projects in which FORCE is or has been involved.  Click to return to CURRENT PROJECTS...

Previous Projects
Project Title
Big Green Fund The Big Green Fund was set up by the Greater London Authority to create high value open spaces.  FORCE with partners gained £48,000 for the Crane Valley in Donkey Wood, Mill Road, Little Park and Pevensey Road where boardwalks were added to improve access, the watercourse restored and expert walks given. We are very happy to report this project enabled a great deal of additional paths, creating ephemeral ponds and other environmental improvements with our partners, school children and FORCE. FORCE, CVP, GLA, local councils 2014 - 2015
Donkey Wood Wetland Project This project worked in Donkey Wood Nature Reserve to enhance the ecological value of the river and habitats. CVP, HBC, FORCE 2013 - 2015
Green Gyms

TCV hold Green Gyms every Monday in Hounslow, Pevensey Road LNR, and every Wednesday in Richmond, Kneller Gardens, with the mutual aims of getting exercise in the healthy fresh air whilst improving nature.  More information on how to get involved can be found on the TCV website, see Hounslow Green Gym and Richmond Green Gym for details.

Summary report on Richmond Green Gym pilot project, December 2016.

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